. Gloria Beckford, 82 of Mount Rainier, Maryland passed away peacefully on Friday, May 5, 2017 in Washington, D.C. surrounded by family members. Born on September 16, 1934 in Jamaica, West Indies. She is predeceased by her parents, Melvina Williams and Nathaniel Thomas, Jamaica, West Indies. She is also predeceased by her granddaughter, Davia Robinson.

Gloria was loved and will be missed by everyone including church members, employers, friends, and family. She was a dedicated member of Canaan Baptist Church in Washington, D.C since March 24, 1985. She was a member of the Second Choir, Sanctuary Choir, and Church School. Gloria sung faithfully up until Easter Sunday before her passing. She was always excited and happy to attend choir rehearsal and sing in the choir each Sunday.

She is survived by her seven children; Ann Maria Campbell, Angela Forbes, Denise Forbes, Dawn Wallen, Dezerine Wallen, Christopher Beckford, and Wayne Beckford She is also survived by five brothers and and seven sisters: Norma Thomas, Shirley McIntosh, Cherry Thomas, Jennifer Thomas, Angela Thomas, Sonia Thomas, and Gayle Thomas; brothers: Joseph McGibbon, Louis McGibbon, Noel McGibbon, Vincent McGibbon, and Wesley Thomas. Seven grandchildren: Phillippa Robinson, Warren Brammer, Sydoney Brammer-Hamilton, Ammoy Barrett, Alyssa Hamilton, Ashley Forbes, and Farris Moore, and eleven great grandchildren. Mrs. Beckford was called by her children Nana, Mommy, Ma, Pearl, and Shorty by Wayne and two royal names given by two of her daughters, “Queen Gloria” by Angela, and “Queen Victoria” by Dawn, which always made her laugh. Gloria’s favorite phrase when asked how are you doing, she would replied, “God is taking care of me.” Her memory will continue to bloom in our heart like a beautiful rose. She is gone from this earth but soaring like a dove in heaven.